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Chinese ancient physicians perceived the natural of Chinese herbal medicines (CHMs) through temperature, taste and smell in long-term clinical practice. However, due to the limitation of the medical level at that time, the scientific connotation of temperature and olfactory receptors could not be explained at the molecular level. Recognition of pungent flavor (with pungent flavor ‘taste’, hot, cold or odor) from pungent flavor CHMs was thought to be a complex, multi-sensory human experience with a rich evolutionary history and long-term clinical practice. Pungent flavor was an expression of pungent olfactory, temperature and gustatory/taste sensations experienced through a multitude of chemical processes triggered by pungent molecules. Establishing such a database of pungent compounds from pungent CHMs was of great significance for flourishing the research of pungent CHMs. We have built PungentDB database (http://www.pungentdb.org.cn/home) with abundant chemical and biological information for pungent flavor in pungent flavor CHMs, which were reported to hot/warm temperature or smell pungent odor to humans. This study will provide a basis for explaining the relationship between pungent flavor in CHMs, olfactory, temperature.

The process of discovering the pungent favor materials and mechanism from pungent HCMs.

Due to the limitation of biomedical level in ancient times, ancient Chinese physicians could not recognize and discover medicinal herbs through human basic perception (temperature, taste, smell, touch, etc.). They defined hot/cold, taste, spicy smell or aromatic odor herbs as pungent flavor CHMs. They defined pungent taste, spicy smell or aromatic odor herbs as pungent flavor HCMs. However, they didn’t know material basis and the pungent flavor’s molecular mechanism of pungent flavor HCMs.

PungentDB 2019 paper
(1) Zhao Chen, Yanfeng Cao, Yanling Zhang*, Yanjiang Qiao*.A novel discovery: holistic efficacy at special organ level of pungent flavor compounds from pungent traditional Chinese medicine International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2019,20(3), 752.
PungentDB 2021 paper
(1) Chen Z, Li J, Hou N, et al. TCM-Blast for traditional Chinese medicine genome alignment with integrated resources[J]. BMC plant biology, 2021, 21(1): 1-7.

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New! Homology models of the temperature associated receptors and olfactory receptors (TRPs and ORs) are available in the receptors pages.

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